Building Blocks Therapy

 Occupational Therapy Services for Children and Young Adults

"Seeing the child not the disability"

What is Occupational Therapy & How can it help my Child? 

Children develop and grow by learning, socialising and playing. Sometimes a child can experience difficulties in daily life due to physical disabilities, developmental delay, neurological disorders or behavioural difficulties.

An Occupational Therapist uses a problem solving approach based on knowledge of children's development and medical conditions to assess why one child may struggle to learn a new skill compared to another.

The aim of treatment is to maximise a child’s strengths and to help them develop new skills in order to acquire independent living skills.

 Why Choose Building Blocks Therapy?

We are a small and friendly, independent Therapy Practice based in West Sussex. We understand the importance of working closely with the child and the families to set goals which are meaningful to you. Building Blocks Therapy offers bespoke specialist therapy input, with your child's needs in mind.We are able to offer advice, assessment and treatment for a wide variety of childhood disorders and specialise in Neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy or Acquired Brain Injury.

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